Sonisk kvalitet

Torsdag 7. august spiller Sonic Youth på Øyafestivalen. Jeg korter ned ventetiden med en reprise på mitt eneste intervju med et av mine favorittband.

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Mini-review: The Death of Captain America #2

It’s impressive how Marvel can refresh and recycle old ideas nowadays. Ed Brubaker’s got the skills to pay the bills, and this exploration of Captain America after the character’s death in CIvil War is both interesting and entertaining.

Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting
The Death of Captain America Vol. 2: The Burden of Dreams
Marvel Comics 2008
3.5 out of 5 stars

Mini-review: Faker

Pretty standard Vertigo fare, an alright techno thriller with some sexual frisson, no more, no less. But why oh why do almost all Vertigo characters nowadays have to be so young, so edgy, so typecast?

Mike Carey & Jock
Vertigo/DC Comics 2008
2.5 out 5 stars