Comics review: DMZ Vol. 6

It’s election time in war-torn Manhattan, and Matty Roth decides to leave objective journalism behind. Brian Wood’s DMZ is still very much an interesting read.

DMZ continues to be one of the most interesting of the ongoing Vertigo titles, with science fiction that hits close to home in the climate after 9/11. In the near future, USA is ravaged by its second civil war, and New York is caught in the middle. Journalist Matty Roth tries to make sense of both big politics and people trying to get by in their daily lives in the war-torn streets of Manhattan, but he finds it increasingly difficult to uphold the ideals of objective journalism in the midst of the conflict.

In Blood in the Game, the sixth collection of the ongoing series, it’s election time in Manhattan, and Roth decides to quit journalism to support charismatic political Parco Delgado instead, a former gang-banger.

Wood writes a good political adventure yarn, and has a keen eye for using science fiction to tell us something about the world today. So far, so good, but my major problem with DMZ is still that his characters spend too much time acting tough and street-wise, so that we really don’t get to know them that well. Will the real Matty Roth please stand up?

Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli
DMZ Vol.6: Blood in the Game
Vertigo/DC Comics
3.5 out of 5 stars

PS! Hvis du leser norsk, kan du lese en større anmeldelse av DMZ, Y: The Last Man og The Losers her.

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