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My interview with Greg Wilson (and David Mancuso)

Etter gårsdagens «de gamle er eldst»-sak om dj-er, her er mitt vesle intervju med engelske Greg Wilson, plassert på andreplass på lista til dj-historiker Bill Brewster.


Wilson, som fyller 56 i år og også har blogget om DJ Derek nylig, ble kjent for å spille nyskapende elektro tidlig på 1980-tallet og startet den første danseorienterte kvelden på Manchester-klubben The Haçienda i 1984. Han la platene på hylla i 1983, men vendte tilbake i 2003.

ØH: What are the biggest differences between dj-ing in the 70’s, 80’s, and the 00’s?

GW: The big difference, from a UK perspective, is that the majority of DJ’s mix now, whereas back in the 70’s and throughout much of the 80’s it was predominantly microphone based. Although DJ’s are now more technically skilled, I think this has been at the detriment of the programming skills that DJ’s used to have, and which have begun to gain greater currency once again.

ØH: How important is experience when it comes to DJ-ing?

GW: It’s something that has become increasingly valued during recent times, which is obviously good news for and oldtimer like myself. It’s a two way street though – I can bring my experience to the table, but I’m also energized by working with a younger audience. In a sense, I’m someone from the past retaining a connection with the present, whilst a lot of the crowd are the opposite, from the present wishing to access the past.

The balance is obviously paramount, otherwise it might tip over into nostalgia, which has limited shelf life for a DJ and is a sure fire way to grow old quickly. Experience is great, but that fearlessness of youth is a potent force. I’d like to think I was a good DJ when I was still in my teens – I don’t put it down to an age thing, both have their pros and cons, it’s more to do with the passion you have for what you’re doing, and that’s something easily lost with age.

ØH: How long do you hope to work as an active DJ? Is there a retirement age?

GW: It might need a more measured approach as the years tick by, but I don’t think there is a retirement age, it’s all down to the individual. If you can remain relevant and continue to connect with people why not keep going? Singers and musicians can keep gigging into their latter years, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the same for a DJ. I’ll keep doing it as long as there’s that reciprocal feeding I mentioned before.


Jeg stilte også de samme spørsmålene til David Mancuso, fjerdemann på lista, men her falt ikke spørsmålene i like god jord. Jeg fikk dette svaret.

Greetings –
Categorizing my individuality and all that I do over all – from the point of a «DJ» – misses entirely what my life style is about and my mission in life.
Thank you for your understanding.

Så jeg forsøkte meg med et oppfølgerspørsmål:

ØH: How would you explain the philosophy and goals of The Loft parties from 1970 untill today for someone who doesn’t know them and wishes to participate for the first time?

As in nature, share and share alike.
It is that simple and understood deep inside.

PS. Your questions are not as you described «stupid» in any way. Nor is my answer to your question, intended to be vague in any way. We are just trying to communicate with each other and that is good.

Av oyvindholen

Father, journalist, author, and journalist in D2/Dagens Næringsliv (www.dn.no).

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