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My e-mail interview with Mr. Lif

Boston-rapperen Mr. Lif er tilbake med albumet Resilient, et samarbeid med brassbandet (!) Brass Menažeri fra Oakland.

I den anledning: Mitt epost-intervju fra 2002.

Les selve saken her. Mer politisk hiphop her.

ØH: Do you agree that after «conscious hip-hop» faded out in the early 90’s, it was replaced by what we may call «ignorant hip hop»?

ML: I think conscious hip-hop faded to a large extent, because hip-hop became largely corporate, and partying is far more attractive to people, and thus easily sellable.

ØH: Is there any room for dissenting voices in American culture today? Did you get into any problems after releasing «Home of the Brave»?

ML: There’s plenty of room. I think that many people in the world feel lost, confused, and disenfranchised. So this type of record provided a little reassurance that there are those of us who care, and will speak out. I feel that we all would enjoy functioning under a government that actually cared about the mental and physical health of the people.

We just don’t know how to empower ourselves to bring about that type of situation. I haven’t had any significant problems since releasing that song as far as I’m concerned. My goal was to create a dialogue about the issue, and that has been what’s going on.

ØH: After 911 there seems to be a rejuvenation of political hip-hop, with elder artists as Paris, Public Enemy, KRS-One getting back with renewed power and more conscious lyrics from younger artists like yourself, Dead Prez, OutKast («The Whole World»), Nas («Rule»), Sage Francis and others. Do you think we’ll see more or less of this?

ML: I’m surprised at how little we’ve seen. I can only hope there will be more speaking out.

ØH: In a comment Chuck D blames MTV for what he calls today’s «designer generation» which is «dumbing them to the american way of weighing people based on quantity as opposed to quality». Do you agree and is there any room for controversial opinions in today’s mainstream musical landscape?

ML: This is the era of instant gratification. I was told as a young boy that «haste makes waste». I think that’s what we’re seeing now. Corporations and the government sacrificing the quality of our lives, to make a dollar faster.

ØH: Do you still smell Armageddon?

ML: As clearly as the stench of pollution that floats through the air.

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Father, journalist, author, and journalist in D2/Dagens Næringsliv (www.dn.no).

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