Drabant-utstilling på Blank Space

Fredag 18. januar kl. 18-21 er det åpning av utstillingen Dirty Art: A Celebration of Norwegian Urban Art, Vol 6 Blank Space i Storgata 32 i Oslo.

Og utstillingen er i sin helhet viet Drabant, mer info under.

Utstillingen står til torsdag 28. februar. Åpningstider: Søndager kl. 11-17, mandag, onsdag og torsdag kl. 1730-20.

PS! Det er 70 prosent avslag på Drabant nr. 1 og 2 hos Platekompaniet nå i januar.


In our 6th installment of this yearly show, where we focus on active public artists whose main focus is to bring art directly to people, if not in unconventional (or legal) ways, we try something a little different.

This year we bring in creators Mikael Noguchi and Øyvind Holen to show off their work creating the award winning comic book Drabant. Drawn from a feeling of being on the outside, both in location and in society, this atypical series of growing up in a world where you feel invisible has found acclaim across genres. A critical look at Norway’s authoritative stance on the art form of graffiti, and the safe space it creates for those who yearn to feel a part of something, the moving writing of Holen is only matched by the incredible art provided by Noguchi.

In addition to the focus on the comic book itself, we invite the actual artists mentioned in the book to come and pay tribute to the book’s morals: Of creating a space for yourself in a world that doesn’t always care if you exist. Local and international street artists (from the controversial taggers to the more accepted muralists) join together to decorate Blank Space with their own personal expressions, for a chance to create a space where everyone – no matter how outside they may feel – can feel accepted.

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  1. […] Noguchi og undertegnede hadde gleden av å gjeste podkasten til Blank Space Oslo, og i episode 22 av Blah Blah snakker vi blant annet om Drabant, graffiti, tegneserier og urban […]

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